Your Complete Guide To Teeth Whitening Pens

by David Samzun

The market features numerous teeth whitening pen manufacturers. They produce a wide range of products with varying qualities. Regardless, all teeth whitening pens function in the same way and have the same purpose. This post covers all the essential details you should know about teeth whitening pens.

What is a teeth whitening pen?

A tooth whitening pen is a thin portable plastic tube that houses a whitening gel. The pen is usually small and portable and aimed at removing leftover stains from your teeth’ surface.

How to use teeth whitening pens

Using teeth whitening pens is quite simple. All you have to do is follow the steps below to the tee.

  • Brush your teeth using a soft-bristle toothbrush
  • Remove the whitening pen’s cap and twist the bottom until you see the whitening gel coming off on the tip of the brush
  • Apply a thin layer of the gel on the surface of each tooth. It would be wise to ensure that the entire surface of the teeth is covered and in contact with the gel.
  • Let the gel stay in place for some time. This is the only way to guarantee the best results.

How teeth whitening pens function

The functioning of teeth whitening pens are mainly tied to their ingredients. The best teeth whitening pens usually contain one of 2 chemical bleaches. They are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The bleaches work by breaking stains on the teeth into smaller pieces. When this happens, the stains become less concentrated hence making your teeth look brighter.

The more you use the product, the more the stains are broken, and the whiter your teeth appear. The two bleaches, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, work in the same way. Therefore, a whitening pen with either of the two bleaches would be a great choice.

How effective are teeth whitening pens?

The effectiveness of teeth whitening pens depends on the type of discoloration, brand, and type of product. Note that not all teeth stains are formed in the same way. Therefore, the bleaching agents found in whitening pens may not produce the same results in some cases.

For instance, some of these bleaching agents may not whiten brown or grey stains. It is also worth noting that these whitening products may also not work on crowns, fillings, and veneers.

Additionally, the best results are obtained when you use the whitening pens according to the instructions. For instance, you must let the agents remain on your teeth for a specific amount of time for the bleach to interact with the stain on your teeth as much as possible. If you are looking for the best results, it would also help avoid eating, rinsing, or drinking anything after applying the product.

Final words

Teeth whitening pens do not have any harmful side effects. Their only downside is that they may trigger some tooth sensitivity due to the bleaching agent pushing through your enamel and contacting the teeth’ dentin. However, you need not worry about this side effect as the best teeth whitening pens contain low doses of bleach.

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