Why is it Important to Discuss Parenting Styles With Families?

by David Samzun
Why is it Important to Discuss Parenting Styles With Families?

Why is it Important to Discuss Parenting Styles With Families?

The question “Why is it important to discuss parenting styles with families?” may seem trivial, but it is not. It is very important to understand the ways that you communicate and interact with your child, especially as they grow older. As a child’s relationship with their parent increases, so too will the disagreements that often arise. Often, parents become frustrated with the lack of understanding on both sides and this can lead to shouting matches that can hurt the feelings of both parents and children involved.

It is not unusual for parents to use different styles when interacting with their children. A very common example would be a mom who screams at her husband or boyfriend because he did something wrong. However, this same mother would never scream at her baby unless she did something wrong. There are underlying reasons why this occurs. While one or both parents might not like the parenting style being used, there are underlying issues that cause these styles to be used. Understanding these can help to eliminate them in the future and make for a more peaceful home environment for everyone involved.

When discussing styles with families, it is important to remember that each child has his or her own personality and likes and dislikes. It is important to give each child individual attention in order to give them the opportunity to develop their unique personality. While one parent may be very strict and expect nothing less than perfection from their child, another may be very loving and lenient. As a result, the child often grows up thinking that certain behaviors are inappropriate. When this happens, it can negatively affect their self-esteem and make them feel like they are less of a person than the other parent.

Children do best when they are loved and appreciated. In turn, a child feels the love from their parent when they receive love and appreciation from them. This extends to all areas of a child’s life from how they are treated at home and in their daily interactions with their peers to the way that they are treated when they go to school. Parents must learn which communication styles they prefer and work to convey this to their children.

When parents work together, they have a better chance of raising healthy, well-adjusted children. However, when a child is raised by one parent alone, they may lack certain skills necessary to become a healthy, successful adult. This can lead to low self-esteem and make them more likely to develop habits that will serve them later in life such as drug abuse. By introducing parenting styles into the lives of their children at an early age, the parents can help their child to become a well-balanced person, ready for the society in which they will live. This allows children to learn from their parents what is acceptable and what is not.

Along with discussing communication styles, parents should also discuss their parenting habits. While it is never a good idea to leave children in the hands of an abusive parent, there are some communication habits that, if they are not dealt with, can cause problems in the long run. One such habit includes over-communicating with a child. Children do not learn from you if you communicate more with them than they want to hear.

The problem with talking too much with a child is that it makes the child feel like they need to say everything in order for you to be happy and comfortable with them. While it is important for one parent to talk often with children, the opposite parent should be just as available, but not to the point that they become overbearing. If a parent starts saying one thing a lot and the other parent does not feel comfortable with it, both children will more than likely pick up on this and be very unhappy.

It is never easy to find an appropriate style of parenting. In many cases, one parent’s parenting styles will work well with one child while another parent’s parenting styles may have the child adjusting to them. It is important to have an open dialogue about this with all parties involved. This way, the children are prepared for any changes, and everyone is happy.

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