What Are The Tips To Increase The Lace Frontal Wig Life Span?

The frontal lace wigs offer its wearers the best flexibility in terms of styling options and new look. Every person wants to look awesome, keep fresh, and have a new look at one point in life. There is the confidence that one gain when knowing you look awesome. Furthermore, a frontal wig has a way of making hair look more appealing. Therefore, to keep that fresh look, it is essential to maintain your lace frontal wigs. So, if you wish to learn how to increase your wig’s life span, here are four tips.

4 tips on how to increase a lace frontal wigs life span

1. Wig storage

The way you store your wig can contribute to how long the wig lasts. If you are the type of person to place your wig anywhere and in any direction, then your wig will not have a long life span. Therefore, to ensure that your wig serves you for a long life span, it is essential to ensure that you store the frontal lace wigs on a wig stand. Also, a key point to note is that the wig stand should be away from a place with direct exposure to sunlight, a very damp area, and excess heat. If you ensure that your wig is securely placed on the wig stand and in a cool and dry place, then its life span will increase.

2. Frontal lace wig aftercare

It is essential to ensure that you always keep your wig in top form. The lace frontal wig care includes combing with the right toothbrush. The toothbrush has to be wide. Also, it is essential to shampoo your wig while washing. A key point to note is that not all shampoos are suitable for lace frontal wigs. Therefore, ensure you pick the right one by researching the best shampoo to use on lace frontal wigs. In addition, using the right hair conditioner is also crucial. Therefore, if you wish to give your wig a longer life span, combing it and using the right hair conditioner and shampoo is essential.

3. Put on the wig less often

Some studies show that if you wear the best quality of lace frontal wigs daily and with proper daily care, its life span can be four months. Therefore, if you wish for your wig to last longer, it is essential to consider buying two, so you can alternate. Also, if you do not wear your wig frequently, it is bound to last longer.

4. Lace frontal wig styling

Excess heat can be too damaging to your wig. Therefore while styling, it is crucial to ensure that you use low heat. Also, some products offer heat protection on your hair while styling. You can opt to use those products to reduce heat on your hair. Furthermore, it is crucial to avoid using styling products on your hair root. Thus, if you follow proper styling options, your wig can last longer.


Keeping your wig always looking fresh requires a little bit of maintenance. The maintenance applied to your wig can also increase the wig’s life span. Therefore, your lace frontal wigs will last longer if you follow all the above tips carefully.

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