Ways Of Identifying Natural Human Hair Wigs

by David Samzun

Wigs are one of the most worn accessories in society today, especially amongst women. It is worn to enhance appearance giving them some confidence boost, and it is safe to say the wigs are confidence boosters. There are two wig types, they are

  • Natural Human Hair Wigs: These wigs are made from human hair. The human hair used is donated and then processed into wig caps by wig producing companies
  • Synthetic Hair Wigs: These wigs are made from synthetic fiber or rubber.

Both wigs can come as bundles with closure, and distinguishing between these two kinds of wigs is tricky for the untrained. Luckily, this article highlights the tips for identifying Natural Human Wigs.

Ways Of Identifying Natural Human Wigs

To identify Natural Human Wigs, you need to have an idea of the unique qualities that give it the name natural human. These unique features are going to be the basis for identifying a natural human wig. The unique features are:

  1. The wig’s texture: Natural Human hair wigs have a thick and more realistic texture than other wigs. This is because healthy human hair is not scanty, has a well-nourished color and tenure, so also do this kind of wig. This wig is made from real human hair and, as such, retains every property and quality of the human hair it is made from.
  2. The Feel: This wig is softer, fluffier, and buoyant than the other kind of hair. When identifying a wig, if it is made from natural human hair, you should touch the wig and examine the feel. If the wig feels soft, then the wig is a natural human wig. But this property is not a guarantee.
  3. Styling: When looking to buy a natural human, you should pay attention to the styling of the wig. It is common with most natural wigs that they are not pre-styled. Unlike the other wig that is made in a particular design, these wigs are not made into a particular design. This is because, like the actual human hair, these wigs can be styled into different designs by the user.
  4. Heat Resistance: This is a guaranteed form of identifying a natural human wig because the synthetic hair wig is made from rubber, and thus no matter how closely it resembles a human hair wig, it still acts like rubber. This involves pulling a strand from the wig and setting it on fire. If it turns to soot, then it is an authentic natural human hair wig, but if it turns into a rubber-like mold, it is not a natural human wig.
  5. Bleaching: Though this factor can only be tested after acquiring the wig. This involves bleaching the color of the wig, and if it happens to be a natural human hair wig, it can be bleached and dyed into different colors, unlike synthetic hair wigs that cannot be bleached or dyed into other colors. This is because synthetic hair wigs are predesigned in a particular color.


In general, Natural Human hair wigs are responsive to change because they are made from actual human hair and retain every property of the real human hair.

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