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A twin rail shower is a type of dual shower head system which includes dual shower heads in one system one being a shower head that is fixed and a shower head that can be hand-held. This two-in-one option that allows for a switch between both the setup allows for personalization in an individual’s shower experience. According to one’s preference, they can use it alternatively either use the fixed head or the hand-held head shower head.

In this article, we will see about twin rail showers, a list of reasons why you should use twin rail showers, perfect places for twin rail showers, and the best place to buy twin rail showers.

Why Use Twin Rail Showers

We will now look at why you should use these twin rail showers.  This includes reasons such as being friendly with children, disabled, and the elderly, adjustable height & water pressure, and being perfect for pet lovers.

1. Adjustable Height & Water Pressure

These twin rail showers come with an option that allows one to adjust the height according to the way one wishes to such as bringing the height to a low (lowering it down) or increasing the height. Furthermore, it also allows one to adjust the water pressure which is a cool feature of it because there are a lot of things that can be done by adjusting the water pressure.

2. Perfect For Pet Lovers

Pet lover loves to give their pets a warm and cozy bath so this twin rail shower is perfect for pet lovers. With the help of this twin rail shower, pet lovers can ensure that their pets get to experience a nice bath each day.

Perfect Places For Twin Rail Shower

Here is a list of perfect places for twin rail showers. This remarkable list includes hospitals, old age home facilities, pet salons, hotels, and inns.

1. Hospitals

Hospitals might find these twin rail showers extremely efficient. This is because the patients staying at the hospital might be able to make use of its features of it to the fullest.

2. Old Age Homes Facilities

These twin rail showers are favorable at old age home facilities as it has a rational design that might aid those elderly people in the most practical way possible. These elderly people might depend upon the assistance of people but these twin rail showers might help them independently in getting work done.

3. Pet Salons

Just as how pet lovers enjoy giving their pets a cozy and warm bath with the help of these twin rail showers at home, these pet salons which are a large-scale places that all pet lovers rush to take their pets to are said to find twin rail shower as a perfect product that might be of great help for them making their work even convenient than ever.

4. Hotels & Inns

Hotels and inns are also said to have equipped these twin rail showers that might be able to accommodate all the people that seek to stay at these hotels and inns. People who get to stay at hotels and inns might be able to enjoy the greatest bath of their lifetime and it is all thanks to these twin rail showers.


Twin rail showers available on Declinko are highly recommended because it has super cool features to offer such as a shining chrome finish which is a perfect match for any bathroom decor. The brass construction of this ensures that this shower head will last for several years in the long run. Its triple-functional handheld shower lets an individual customize their bathing experience according to their liking. Additionally, there are other impressive characteristics such as a shower head with a 360° swivel ball joint to adjust and press diverter design.

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