Simple Procedures For Lace Closure Wig Install

by David Samzun

Lace closure wig saves wearers from blending processes that encourage natural hair loss. The best merit of a lace closure wig is that it hides the front hair while maintaining a realistic hairline. In addition, the closure wig helps wearers obtain a natural hair look. The next process after the delivery of the lace closure wig is fixing it in your hair. The process might seem daunting, but it is pretty straightforward. This article aims at informing you of the step-by-step procedures for lace closure wig install.

Step by step processes of lace closure wig install

1. Washing of natural hair

Before installing the cap, one needs to wash one’s hair. The main reason for washing one hair is because some wearers opt to stay with the lace closure wig for an extended period. Therefore, a clean scalp protects one from too much scalp itching in the future. After washing, it is also essential to wait out for the hair to dry or use a dryer to dry your hair.

2. Creating cornrows

The next step after washing and drying hair is plaiting cornrows to hair. The cornrow style chosen should be the exact place you need the lace closure wig parting to be. A key point to note at this step is that the cornrow braids should be small.

3. Place a weaving net on the head

The weaving net should be square in shape, and it should be placed at the top of the head. The key point to note at this step is that the weaving net should cover all of the hair, and it should be the exact size of one’s head.

4. Sew the weaving net

After placing the weaving net on the head, you can now sew it to the cornrow’s edges. The stitches should be consistent and small. Repeat the sewing process over all the edges, and then go back to the starting point while sewing. At the starting point, tie a knot to the thread and cut the remaining piece. Also, it is crucial to ensure that there are no visible gaps present. If the visible are present, ensure that you sew it to close the gap.

5. Lace top sewing

Put the lace top on the cornrow and ensure no space between the natural hair and the lace top. Then stitch the cornrow and the closure’s left side along the hairline. Once done with the left side, go to the right side and stitch.

After you are done, ensure that the closure’s front edge is lying behind a straight part. After you have sewed the lace left and right sides, you can proceed to the front and the back. Repeat the sewing process from left to top, then from right to down. Once you have completed sewing, tie a knot and cut the thread. Then, on the lace closure, clip the hair.

6. Wefts sewing

Weft sewing is the last installation process. Pin the weft to the cornrow’s edge using a curved needle. Then stitch the weft and the cornrow from the right side to the left side across the head. Lastly, sew the last weft to the lace closure’s edge.


The process of installing a lace closure wig might seem complex, but it is pretty straightforward. The above steps will guide you into looking fantastic. Furthermore, the lace closure wig has many benefits, including its flexibility and breathability ability.

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