Provisions For The Best Outdoor Extension Cord Reel

by David Samzun

Are you the type of person that needs the best things in life? Well, an extension cord reel is the best type available. It will save you time and protect the power cords from being crushed accidentally. One of the best extension cord reels in the market is one made of extremely durable materials. If you are looking for an external cord reel for outdoor purposes, you need to consider the best outdoor extension cord reel specifications. Below are some specifications for the best outdoor extension cord reel

Extension cord reel definition

An extension cord reel is a cylinder that holds an extension cord for storage and easy access. The extension cord reel protects the power cord from; twisting, wear and tear. It also helps prevent accidents from tripping.

Specifications for the best outdoor extension cord reel

1. Coil springs

The coils springs for the best outdoor extension cord reel have to be very strong. A strong coil spring ensures that the extension cord reel is exceptionally durable. An extremely durable extension cord reel means saving money for things such as repair in the long run.

2. Mounting bracket

It is best to have an extension cord reel that is fixed in one place for outdoor activities. 

Mounting an extension cord reel saves time instead of moving around with it. You can opt to mount the extension tool on your wall or a bench.

3. Ratcheting mechanism

The best outdoor extension code reel has a ratcheting mechanism. The purpose of the ratcheting mechanism is to hold the cord at whatever length you wish. It also allows for the cord to rewind to the reel.

4. Durable plastic

One of the specifications that define an excellent outdoor extension cord reel is one with durable plastic. Heavy-duty plastic ensures an increase in the longevity of the extension cord reel.

5. Manual resettable circuit breaker

For safety purposes, having a manual resettable circuit breaker ensures that when the power cord’s voltage surpasses the required, the circuit breaker disconnects automatically, protecting the extension cord reel from damage.

6. Polyoxymethylene

A high-quality outdoor extension cord reel is made from Polyoxymethylene. Polyoxymethylene material has low-abrasion qualities and is very durable.

7. Retraction mechanism

An automatic retractable mechanism ensures that the cord automatically retracts back to the reel. It also keeps the cord from twisting.

8. Extension cords

An excellent durable outdoor extension cord reel is one whose extension cord is resistant to water, UV, alkalis, and acids. The extension cord should also be flexible in low temperatures and flame redundant.

9. Cord stopper

The cord stopper should be adjustable. The cord stopper ensures the cord that remains after retraction decreases or increases.

What to think about while buying an outdoor extension cord reel

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Extreme durability
  • Portability
  • Mounting choices
  • Materials used
  • The cord length
  • Extension cord reel quality


Automatic retractable extension cord reels are very realistic in households or industrial places. The adjustable length will ensure you can use it at whatever place in your home or workplace you need. You can use the extension cord reel daily. Extension cord reels that are incredibly durable will serve you for quite a long time.

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