Four tips for keeping the lace closure natural

by David Samzun

A lace closure is a customized hairpiece that provides a new look and can be sued to protect your natural hair from compromise or damage. You install or anchor the hairpiece to the skin using double-sided tape if you suffer from hair loss or use a liquid adhesive. You can also attach the lace closure suing clips or sew them into the cornrows. The bundles with closure come in three categories that are compatible with different conditions and textures. The following are tips to make your closures look natural.

Select the proper lace closure

The first step to ensuring a natural look is to select a quality closure that matches your hairstyle and skin color. You need to check the right size that perfectly fits your head among other perimeters, such as the correct type depending on your personal preference. If you are not sure about the proper closure for your hair, seek professional recommendations to ensure you choose the right closure that will provide a natural and realistic look.

Hide all your natural air

When you wear lace closure, you probably are looking to conceal your natural hair to protect it from damage. As such, you need to ensure that the bio hair is hidden correctly so that it does not compromise the natural appearance of the closure. If your hair is short, you are required to slick it insert the lace closure perfectly. For those women with long hair, you are required to braid it into the scalp to make it easy to manage when using a closure. If you have some excess lace closures, trim them carefully to achieve a natural look.

Pluck the closure hair realistically

When you wear the lace closure on your head, the chances are that some excess hair will appear unnatural. In this case, you need to pluck the lace closure so that it can seem like the baby hair on the front. Make the hairline a little bit thinner than other parts to achieve a natural look and avoid dense hairlines. You can earn a correct trim by tweezing to remove the density on the hairline of the lace closure. Wear the lace closure on your head and conduct the plucking process in front of a mirror to achieve a smooth hairline. You can opt for a hairdresser to carefully prevent ripping off the lace base.

Brush appropriately with the right products

It would be best to learn how well to maintain the lace closure by brushing gently and adequately. The closure will appear natural and would last longer when you use the right products. When brushing, use a comp through the ends of the closure hair to prevent it from developing excessive tugging. Similarly, ensure you purchase the correct products to avoid damaging the lace front. Products with high alcoholic content can be damage the hair and result in a tangling appearance. Ensure you use ph acidic products to stylish the closure and make it natural always. More importantly, you need to practice routine maintenance and visit your stylist to get the best recommendations on how to bleach to get the results you expect and keep it natural.

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