Does First Child Look Like Father?

by David Samzun
Does First Child Look Like Father?

Does First Child Look Like Father?

Does the first child look nothing like its father? I can tell you what it’s going to be like. It’s not going to be just a normal baby. It is not going to be a normal baby. Its eyes won’t just start rolling, its heart is never going to beat as loud as its fathers did, and its little fingers are never going to be like yours.

Does the first child look like its father? That’s a yes or no question depending on what you believe. If you believe in astrology then you might have a child that was conceived by a sun sign. The chances of that happening are pretty good but it’s not guaranteed.

If you believe in horoscopes then that also might help. A horoscope can give you an idea of what might happen but it can’t guarantee anything. You could get lucky on one day and dead on another. That’s just how life works, so it makes no difference if you believe in horoscopes.

If you have other kids and you’re trying to conceive, does your husband have any family history of children having birth defects? This is another big clue that will help you answer the question does first child look like father? Chances are if you’ve got a family full of children with birth defects, your dad didn’t have to worry about them. Maybe he wasn’t physically strong enough to carry them but he sure helped with clothing, food, diapers, bathing, and everything else that a child needs. He didn’t have to carry their spirit.

Did you meet other parents whose children have the same first child look as yours? How many of your friends or co-workers have said that they had a child look exactly like you? These people are saying that they had that ‘identity’ but they were probably five when they said they did and now they’re in their fifties.

Does your partner’s family have a family gene that causes children to look like their grandparents, even if they have never met them? For example, if either parent has a sister who has the same exact birthday as your child but looks more like a year older than your child, your partner’s family could be contributing to this problem. Sometimes it’s not a matter of genetics at all but a lack of nurturing. Children don’t come with a mother and a father to care for them and to love them. Unless both parents are committed to helping the child, they won’t receive the love, support, and security they need to help the child grow up healthy and happy.

Have you ever been stung by a mosquito bite and thought that the bite was your child making that annoying sound that everyone hears when they have a mosquito bite? Or have you ever found small bugs crawling around in your child’s bed and then thought that they were just remnants of bed bugs and moved on. You’ve got to admit that these little things are still very irritating and you might even find yourself thinking “that’s my child!”

Some parents are just naturally drawn to certain people in their lives and other people can just never get passed that instinct. It seems that children have to meet their grandparents in order to get their grandparents any attention. The first time your child sees their father on television or in a movie, it’s usually pretty amazing. That’s why when you do find out that your baby is going to have a name that you didn’t plan for, the last name that springs to mind is always “Baby”. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some food for thought.

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