Applications Of Hose Reels In Various Industries

by David Samzun

Hose reels are devices used to hold cables and hoses. They are applied in a wide range of areas like firefighting, car washing, and gardening. This is especially the case for hose reels with a stable retractable system. However, these are the few common applications discussed by most people. Other industrial hose reel applications are rarely discussed. This post will be looking into these applications

Industrial applications of hose reels

Below are some industries where hose reels are applied that are not popularly spoken of;

1. Aviation

The aviation industry significantly depends on the use of cords and hoses. In turn, hose reels are highly applied in this market as well. The hoses and reels are used to offer ground support for aircraft. They are also used for watering, firefighting, and cleaning tasks. Also, they are used for hanger services, aerospace research, high and low power transmission of oil, air, and water. Hose reels used in this industry are designed to handle highly adverse conditions. Therefore, they are made with robust materials that can withstand repetitive use and constant stress.

2. Exhaust removal

Exhaust removal refers to the removal of dangerous fumes and exhaust materials in various industries. Exhaust removal hose reels are used to hold hoses used in auto repair and auto testing sites. They provide a convenient solution for the storage of these hoses and keeping them safe. They also enhance the safety of the environment. By holding the hoses and ensuring proper usage, they keep accidents like leaking of harmful exhaust materials on the environment. Therefore, they are eco-friendly.

3. Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding hose reels are used for seeding tasks. They are commonly truck-mounted to fit their applications. The primary role of these hose reels is to hold seeding hoses. These hoses are designed for dispensing fertilizers, seeds, and additives under pressure. They can also be applied for delivering polymers for water retention. Hydroseeding hose reels are typically made of durable materials. This is because of the heavy application of hydroseeding equipment.

4. Offshore oil rigs

These hose reels are uniquely coated against corrosion. They are also commonly made from highly durable materials like stainless steel or pure steel. Offshore oil rig hose reels are used for various purposes. One common purpose is transferring low and high-pressure fluids. In such applications, the hose reels are made to withstand the pressure within the hose. It is also worth mentioning that offshore oil rig hose reels come with large capacities.

5. Robotics

In the robotics industry, hose reels are used to hold cable and hoses. The hoses, cables, and hose reels are also designed from the best materials that can withstand harsh conditions like flames, chemicals, moisture, and constantly changing temperatures. Besides storing the cables and hoses in this industry, hose reels are primarily used to support organization in the robotics labs. By doing so, they prevent accidents and hazards.

Other industries where hose reels are applied are;

  • Welding gas
  • Mining
  • Storage


There are numerous industrial hose reel applications. Note that in each industry, there are specific hose reel characteristics required. However, the most common characteristic is durability. Industrial hoses are exposed to numerous harsh conditions. Therefore, they feature special designs.

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