5 Features That Affect The Best Wigs For Women Pricing

It is effortless for most first-time wig wearers to get confused about the different wig prices available in the market. The different wigs for women can make it challenging to select which is best, especially in pricing. Therefore, it can be difficult to judge which wig is best depending on the price alone. Thus, this article aims at updating you on five factors that influence the price of the best wigs for women.

5 factors that influence the best wigs for women pricing

1. Hair length

Hair length is a crucial factor that contributes to the pricing of women’s wigs. The longer the wig’s hair, the more expensive the hair will be. Human hair is costly because women will take longer to grow their hair. Therefore, the longer the hair, the rarer it is. The opposite is also true; the shorter the hair, the cheaper the wig will be.

2. Hair materials used

There are mainly two types of hair materials in existence. The two types are either synthetic or human. The different materials come at different prices. Therefore, the price of a human hair wig can be a little higher than that of a synthetic wig. Also, human hair wigs come in different types like Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, and so many others.

In addition, human hair can be Remy hair or virgin hair. The virgin human hair is hair that is not chemically altered as compared to Remy’s hair. Therefore, virgin human hair is bound to be more expensive than Remy human hair.

3. The wig’s hair density

Different wigs have different hair densities. Thus, hair density plays an essential factor in the pricing of the wig. The more hair-dense a wig is, the more expensive it is expected to be. And the less dense a wig’s hair is, the cheaper it will be.

4. The wig’s cap construction

Cap constructions play an essential role in the pricing factor. You can find that different wigs use various cap construction artistry. Therefore, you can find some human hair that is cheaper than synthetic hair. It is because more craft was put in the synthetic hair construction. In the market, you can find three kinds of wig cap constructions.

The three different types include; lace front cap wigs, full lace cap wig construction, and 360 lace cap. The full lace cap is the most expensive wig because the lace cap covers the whole head, therefore allows you to style as you would your own natural hair.

5. Operational costs

Different companies have different operational costs for their wigs. Therefore, despite the above factors, a company’s operating cost also plays a significant role in wig pricing. Companies with high operating costs can charge higher prices for their wigs, and the opposite is true.


The different wigs in the market come at different prices. The different prices are because several factors such as hair length are considered while deciding on the pricing principle. Thus, the above factors will help you know why a particular wig is priced in a certain way compared to other wigs.

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